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A strategic design agency for good

We help organisations bring to life the service and product opportunities that exist in Net-Zero Transformation and the transition to Circular and Regenerative Economies.

Good human's do good business

We love to tackle complex problems and identify & create opportunities for organisations that enable the design and development of

practical Strategies, Products and Services.

Our NGO, Government and Industry Clients are
Transitioning, Embracing and Leading in;

The Circular & Regenerative Economy.


Indigenous, Ecological and Social Innovation.

Sustainability, ESD, Regenerative Design and the SDG's.

Nature Based Solutions, Biodiversity and Health.

Life is interconnected and Cyclic

Our Industrial system is Disjointed and Linear,
We largely Take, Make and Waste.
We are in an exciting time,
Reconnecting with Nature, developing
 Circular and Regenerative Human Living systems.

Our Services

Good human specialises in Research, Strategy Development, Circular Design, and Regenerative Design.

We define practical real needs and then customise our agile toolkit to enable better your outcomes.

A day in the life of good human

Our outputs include Research findings, Service Journeys and Blueprints, Value Propositions and Strategic Plans, Service Innovation, Physical and Digital Product Designs & Prototypes, Strategic Communications and Tools.


We develop and embed self learning systems that enable and equip

your inhouse capability. 



We do this through research and facilitating workshops to understand the key opportunities, key customers and key collaboration opportunities.


We Define key opportunities through rigorous analysis and prototyping with real customers and key stakeholders in the real world.


We Design service and product improvements or create new services and products that enable those key opportunities to be realised.


We Implement service and product development, Make, Test, Build and Deliver through our expert in-house team and through our trusted partners.


Our Projects and Partnerships

Some highlights of key projects and partners, paving the way in design, strategy and behaviour change.

PREP Design Europe.jpg
Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal

Circular economy initiatives for major clients in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector. Mapping physical resource flows and data flows to optimise material efficiency, design out waste, increase recovery and reduce costs.

Hepburn Energy
Hepburn Z-Net Circular Economy Initiatives

Circular economy partnerships and projects for Climate mitgation and adaptation. Hepburn Energy, Hepburn Z-Net and Hepburn Shire council. Including developing circular business models to benefit community and the environment.

hepburn wind pic.jpeg
Oji Fibre Solutions
Packaging Recyclability Evaluation and Design

Recyclability analysis of Oji fibre packaging lines utilising the PREP, Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal. Evaluation, Research and Design recommendations.

Federation of Victorian Traditional
Owners Corporations

Research and Co-Design of Services and Communications for the Federation. Major works have included identifying opportunities for Traditional owners to take leadership roles in Climate change and circular/regenerative economy initiatives. Natural resource management and economic development.

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combi van sunset.webp
Circular modular housing design system.

Villette is an affordable modular  housing system that takes best practice in regenerative design  - and applies a local assembly and service model.


The project consists of highly durable standardised housing modules, designed for disassembly, reuse and relocation - much like Lego. An adaptable living system, it’s designed to start small and grow with people’s budget and needs.


Resilient Minds

Design lead for an enterprise Mental Health and Resilience platform. Key areas of focus - sustainable behaviour change. Roles. UX Research, Service Design, UX Design. 

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aRound Table
A global Circular economy collaboration initiative to build back better.

aRoundTable was a global collaborative initiative that ran in 2021 to help communities design projects to fast track the Circular Economy transition and Build Back Better after the negative impacts of the global pandemic.

The mission was to help Circular Economy organisations all around the world to drive innovation in their communities, turning ideas into real-life projects. To do so, we created a circular design-thinking virtual workshop format that engaged local stakeholders to define key problems facing their community and develop actionable circular projects. The process provided a structured, iterative co-design framework to develop and implement Circular Economy services, projects and products.


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